4 Simple Ways to Add Speed to Your Pontoon

4 Simple Ways to Add Speed to Your Pontoon

17 July 2019
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Many pontoon owners view their vessels as a simple option for fishing, swimming and relaxing. But when it comes to speed, pontoons are not thought of as the number one option. There are many faster boats on the market, but your pontoon doesn't have to be a slouch when it comes to gliding across the water. In fact, there are several modifications that you can make to increase the overall speed of your pontoon. Read on to find out more.

1. Bump up your engine's performance

The first step is to focus on your engine. Many pontoons have single-cylinder engines that are good enough for a relaxing stroll on the lake, but barely sufficient for speed. You should consider replacing your engine with a twin-cylinder option that provides more horsepower. A larger and more powerful engine will provide the necessary thrust to keep you moving on the water.

In some cases, you can get enough performance from a single engine. It all comes down to proper maintenance—the engine should be regularly cleaned, lubricated and serviced.

2. Reorganise your pontoon's arrangement

Another hindrance to speed is the cabin of your pontoon. Improper weight distribution can cause the vessel to have more air resistance, which in turn causes a greater amount of drag. Consider redesigning your cabin such that all weight is evenly distributed at all times. You may need to rearrange your storage spaces, kitchenware and main cabin furniture.

3. Install lifting strakes

Lifting strakes improve the float of your pontoon and make gliding much easier. These devices are essentially metallic pieces that look like fins. Installed on the sides of your boat, they increase the amount of lift that your pontoon has, which makes it go faster.

You can hire a professional to install lifting strakes that fit your specific boat's design.

4. Replace your windshields with a lightweight material

The windshields of your pontoon also affect the overall speed. You need a design that doesn't offer lots of air resistance and increases the streamlined nature of your pontoon. A useful option to consider is aluminium. Aluminium windshields are light, durable and flexible for many different applications. This design allows air to pass through without significantly increasing drag or decreasing overall stability.

While the above modifications are useful for increasing speed in your current pontoon, you can further boost performance by purchasing a newer and more advanced pontoon. For example, pontoons with an extra air tube are useful options to consider. You can also select a more powerful engine to go along with the extra air tube.

For more information, reach out to a business that provides marine services.

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