3 Commonly Asked Questions about the Warranty Coverage of Luxury Boat Engines

3 Commonly Asked Questions about the Warranty Coverage of Luxury Boat Engines

31 July 2019
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When buying luxury boat engines, most people often have questions regarding the warranty coverage. The reason is that luxury boats don't come cheap, nor do the engines. Therefore, warranty coverage is crucial since it helps to keep repair and maintenance costs down. It is good practice for buyers to always ask as many questions as possible about the extent and conditions of the warranty coverage on their luxury boat engines. This article looks at some of the frequently asked questions in this area. Read on to find out more.

1. Will Ethanol Use Void the Warranty? -- One of the many and critical warranty questions that boat engine buyers ask is the ideal type of fuel to use. Notably, most boat lovers who are environmentally conscious prefer to use fuel that contains ethanol. However, it is good practice first to ask the manufacturer if the use of ethanol fuel will void your engine warranty. While some manufacturers don't mind if the fuel you use contains ethanol, the manufacturers are quick to caution that there are acceptable levels. Keeping within the limit will not void your engine warranty. However, if you go beyond the set ethanol levels, then the same manufacturer will void your warranty. Therefore, it is essential to have the issue clarified before filling your tank with ethanol fuel. 

2. Does an Internet Purchase Have Warranty Coverage? -- When buying an engine for a luxury boat, you must purchase the motor from an authorised dealer. The dealer will help you to process the warranty registration and issue you with a copy of the same warranty immediately. However, if you buy an engine from an online store, then you must complete and return the Warranty Registration card that is delivered with the motor. Fill out the card within the specified number of days from the date of purchase; otherwise, your boat might lose warranty coverage. 

3. Are the Controls, Gauges and Rigging Components Covered? -- It is usual for boat engine buyers to question whether the warranty only covers the engine and other peripheral systems or the engine alone. For this reason, it is best to ask to avoid tampering with the controls and gauges during a malfunction. That said, most warranties on boat engines extend to the controls, rigging system and indicators. However, the components must be serviced or replaced using the original manufacturer's parts for eligibility of warranty coverage.

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